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Connecting the World...One Machine at a Time
Machine-to-Machine Communications - it conjures up images from science fiction movies like Terminator or iRobot. Images of self-aware computers hell bent on taking over the world. But the reality of M2M is even more fascinating - millions upon millions of devices collecting information and relaying it to us. Information that helps us make better decisions, reduce overhead, lower energy consumption and improve our lives. Machines that we can control from anywhere in the world - even in remote locations.

With the increasing popularity of Wi-Fi enabled devices like smart phones, iPods and tablet PC’s, coupled with the growth of the “Internet of Things” and Cloud Computing, an increasing number of companies need to add network connectivity to their devices to stay competitive. In today’s economy your customers are continuously looking for ways to reduce service and maintenance costs while adding consumer friendly features.

By incorporating remote control and monitoring into field, your customers can modify operating parameters, update code or data, and monitor equipment status without the need to send service personnel into the equipment site. This equates to faster response time, reduced manpower costs and lower transportation expenses. Consumers can control their heating, cooling and lighting, or monitor and control the state of appliances and other devices. But adding Remote Monitoring and Control capabilities to your products not only saves your customers money, but can create a new revenue stream for you. Cloud services that support your customers devices and provide back-end and middleware services can be a recurring source of revenue.

Ethernet has been the dominate technology for connecting devices to the Internet for decades. But with the growth of the Mobile Device market more companies are turning to wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular. IMS Research projects the number of devices utilizing cellular connections will triple to over 325 Million in the next 5 years. A study by Machina Research projects that 24 billion connected devices will exist by 2020; most of which will be connected with wireless, short-range technology like Wi-Fi. And Wi-Fi is getting a big boost as cellular service providers try to offload user's to Wi-Fi hot-spots to conserve precious cellular bandwidth.

Why You Should Choose Software Concepts . . .
Software Concepts is a Full Capability M2M Consulting firm. We can handle all of your project needs including hardware design, firmware, software and web services. We're leaders in the field with more than 15 years experience in the M2M industry. Whether your project involves asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, smart grid, or consumer applications we can develop a solution to meet your needs.

We have extensive experience with the entire range of Microchip processors including 8, 16 and 32 bit families - click here to see why we prefer Microchip over every other microprocessor manufacturer. If you're in need of a quick hardware solution, we have numerous off-the-shelf designs available to jump start your project and get your product to market quickly, allowing you to save both time and money. If your project requires a full-custom design we can handle that too - we've been developing microprocessor-based products since their inception.

We're innovators in M2M having developed technologies that solve problems that others can't. Our Data Proxy Server allows you to add one-button Internet Connectivity to your products. It supports both Cloud-based access and local access through its embedded web server. Your customers can easily connect your device to the Internet without the need to configure routers or firewalls. Using our Remote Updater Protocol you can update your products remotely - no need to have customers or field service personnel perform manual updates.

Right Solution...First Time  -  Guaranteed
A survey published by the Standish Group indicated that almost 75 percent of all computer projects end in failure, went over budget, were completed late, or had fewer features than originally specified. The primary cause of these failures was a poor system design. As your company grows, your product sales increase or your product requirements change, your products needs to change too. A well architected system is extensible and flexible; it allows new features to be added, or system components to be changed, without requiring major changes to the core system.

Over the last decade Software Concepts has developed methodologies and system architectures that have helped dozens of companies bring products to market on time and on budget. We've worked with companies of all sizes – from one-man startups to Fortune 100 companies. Using our methodologies along with the latest technologies, we can help you reduce your time to market, decrease your development costs, and produce a product that meets all of your customer’s needs - now and in the future. Software Concepts can customize a set of services to meet your project needs, no matter what your budget or time constraints. We're so confident in our ability to help you meet your project goals we'll guarantee our development costs.  Call or Email today to arrange a free consultation.

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